Techunplugged is coming soon


Next week I’ll fly to London to attent the Techunplugged event created by Enrico Signoretti. I do admire what Enrico is achieving and it is awesome to so see all the effort he’s putting into these events to serve the community. I would highly recommend you to join us next week in London if you’re in the neighbourhood or have the opportunity to join.

Looking at the agenda it is going to be a very enjoyable and leaningfull day in which you’ll be able to ask your questions, listen to the experts and talk with them face to face.

With a great line-up of sponsors who’ll tell their story. With companies like PernixData, Zerto, Cloudian, Load DynamiX and Zadara Storage you’ll know you’ll join the beer party J with a head full of knowledge. But wait hearing from these companies alone would be awesome, but there is much more.

Enrico made sure to invite a couple of great guys (Gurus) from the industry to do a couple of great presentations and roundtables. People like Enrico Signoretti, Chris M Evans, Stephen Foskett, Hans DeLeenheer, Nigel Poulton and Martin Glassborow should ring a bell if you work in the industry, and they will all have a great story to tell…

So if you haven’t already, make sure to join us next week in London and make sure to reserve your FREE seat!

More information and registration at

Zerto brings Disaster Recovery to the next level

Today Zerto announced the Zerto Virtual Replication version 3.0. While I’ve always been impressed by the Zerto product, I think this version of the takes Disaster Recovery to the next level. As you can see in the following table, the 3.0 enhancements are very powerful:


The 3.0 Additions I like best:

  • Remote Office Brache Office Protection – Companies with remote offices (but using a single vCenter) now have the possiblity to Protect even the VMs in their Remote sites using Zerto Virtual Replication 3.0
  • Test-before-you-commit function – This feature gives you the oppertunity to test a failover point before you take the final step of commiting it.
  • VMware vCloud Director 5.1 integration – This feature provides you the oppertunity to protect your Privat (Hybrid) Cloud the right way. Even protecting vApps, Storage Profiles, Org Networks and more.
  • VMware VCloud Automation Center integration – VMware provide this software to make automation within your Cloud easier. With Zerto intergrating within vCAC the automation of your cloud will be even better

Watch this video for some great information about Zerto Virtual Replication:

Press release by Zerto can be find here: