Techunplugged is coming soon


Next week I’ll fly to London to attent the Techunplugged event created by Enrico Signoretti. I do admire what Enrico is achieving and it is awesome to so see all the effort he’s putting into these events to serve the community. I would highly recommend you to join us next week in London if you’re in the neighbourhood or have the opportunity to join.

Looking at the agenda it is going to be a very enjoyable and leaningfull day in which you’ll be able to ask your questions, listen to the experts and talk with them face to face.

With a great line-up of sponsors who’ll tell their story. With companies like PernixData, Zerto, Cloudian, Load DynamiX and Zadara Storage you’ll know you’ll join the beer party J with a head full of knowledge. But wait hearing from these companies alone would be awesome, but there is much more.

Enrico made sure to invite a couple of great guys (Gurus) from the industry to do a couple of great presentations and roundtables. People like Enrico Signoretti, Chris M Evans, Stephen Foskett, Hans DeLeenheer, Nigel Poulton and Martin Glassborow should ring a bell if you work in the industry, and they will all have a great story to tell…

So if you haven’t already, make sure to join us next week in London and make sure to reserve your FREE seat!

More information and registration at

The PernixData PowerCLI plugin

Two days back I posted PernixData and PowerCLI in which I used PowerCLI to show me which Hosts had PernixData installed. A lot of reactions came through twitter and facebook, but Andy Daniel (@vNephologist) replied directly on the blog telling me I could use the PernixData FVP PowerCLI plugin to accomplish the same thing.

The installation of the plugin is as easy as starting PowerCLI and importing the module:

import-module prnxcli

powercliprnxclick to enlarge

Let’s check if the command did what we wanted it to do:


powercliprnx2click to enlarge

When this is done, we will need to connect to the PernixData Management Server. Use the following line:

Connect-PrnxServer host-ip -Username name -Password password

powercliprnx3click to enlarge

Let’s see what our PernixData FVP environment looks like at the moment using the following line:


powercliprnx4click to enlarge

As you can see there is not a whole lot of information shown here, but that’s mainly because of this being a small homelab with PernixData not installed on any host yet. I’ll be diving into installing and managing PernixData FVP with PowerCLI in later posts.

A great resource for this is the following post by Byron Schaller (@byronschaller):

Guide to PernixData FVP PowerShell Commands

For now a big thanks to Andy for pointing this out. See you later ;P

PernixData and PowerCLI

The last couple of days I’ve been playing with PernixData FVP and after a couple of changes to my lab I wanted to know which ESXi hosts contained the FVP vib and which didn’t. There are a couple of ways check if the vib is installed on an ESXi server…

First is through Putty using this ESXCLI command:

esxcli software vib list

This will provide you with the list of all installed VIBs on that host.

largelistclick to enlarge

Because we only need to know if the PernixData vib is installed the following command will only show the VIBs that include Pernix:

esxcli software vib list |grep Pernix

Now because we need to do this on every single host, this could become a very intensive task. But as we all know Luc and Alan would write a great script to do this much easier and a lot faster…

smalllistclick to enlarge

After some google searches and a couple of failed attemps I finally got a script that shows just what I needed to know.

Here it is (feel free to change to make it even better, but this was what did the trick for me ;P):

$AllHosts = Get-VMHost | Where {$_.ConnectionState -eq ‘Connected’}
foreach ($VMHost in $AllHosts) {
$ESXCLI = Get-EsxCli -VMHost $VMHost
$ | Select $VMHost.Name,AcceptanceLevel,ID,InstallDate,Name,ReleaseDate,Status,Vendor,Version | Where {$_.Vendor -match ‘PernixData’}

powercliclick to enlarge