Wanted: #vBrownbag EMEA speakers

A couple of weeks back Gregg Robertson and myself spoke with the #vBrownbag Maffia. Talking about VMware is in the DNA of these guys and they breath to let other people share their knowledge by providing them the vBrownbag sessions.

The previous years the vBrownbags were performed from the US and APAC timezones which proved a bit of a problem for the EMEA vMaffia ;-). So after some good talks on VMworld and the vExpert forum Gregg and myself decided it would be a great thing to get the EMEA vBrownbag up and running.

But to get the EMEA vBrownbag spinning we need you! Wouldn’t it be great to help people that share the same interest, struggling on the same content, and provide them with the information you found on that certain subject? And it might just be that another person can help you out a week later. It’s what the VMware community is al about, helping each other.

you can find more information on what we are planning on Gregg’s site (here) and we would be honored if you’d find some time to help the VMware community with a presentation on some of the objectives you are currently studying on. Don’t forget we are all struggling on time and we’re all trying to get VMware certified. So let’s help each other out.

We are currently looking into the VCP5-IaaS and VCP5-DT certification. So if you’re studying this, and want to help other people out by presenting some of the objectives of those certification tracks, please feel free to give us a heads up on twitter: @GreggRobertson5 and @Arjantim If you want to schedule a slot for yourself, you can do that hereThanks

Gregg and Me