You CAN be a SFD4 delegate

During Storage Field Day 3 Stephen Foskett (the man behind GestaltIT and the Tech Field Days) asked the delegates the question how we’d become the IT-pro’s we are today and how we became Storage Field Day Delegates.

When you look at the video you’ll notice all delegates began their IT careers at the starter level and worked their way up. We are all willing to tell our story whenever you ask us. And we are (as far as we can tell ;-P) normal people like you, just loving our job.

All of the delegates started their IT-career because of their passion for Computers. Most of them do not have a college degree in computer science. And still we were invited by Stephen and his team to come over to the states and listen, learn and discuss about some of the leading products and companies in the storage industry.

As told in the video the best way to start is going to a local User Group. As a member of the Dutch VMUG I’d suggest to find the User Group for a topic they suites you best. For me that was the VMware User Group, and I started by attending one in 2007, just be there and talk (ask) to the people that you think are the guru’s. They are normal people too, you know 😉

Writing a blog (which was the main reason why I was asked to join Tech Field) was just for myself. I wanted to write things down and be able to look it up (if needed). Don’t start a blog because you want to be like the guru, or want to be like us. Starting a blog is simple, but keeping it up to date and writing good posts will be a lot tougher.

Be yourself, but let people know who you are and ask for help. We (myself in the first place) started just like you and I (and others) are more than willing to help you, when asked. Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media platforms are also very good media to let yourself be heard (and promote you blog posts).

So if you want to become a storage field day 4 delegate, make yourself heard! And let Stephen and his crew know you want to be a delegate here:

Storage Field Day 3 awesomeness

Tomorrow will be the start of Storage Field Day 3 in Denver. I had a great flight here and we landed in a winter wonderland ;-). Storage Field 3 promises to be a great event (once again) with great companies presenting:

And even a secret company coming out of slealth… So make sure you’ll tune in here:

TFD Logo-300

The delegate list is also an impressive one, with the following names: Brandon Riley on twitter Brandon can be found at @BrandonJRiley Chris Wahl and can be found on twitter as @ChrisWahl Enrico Signoretti found on twitter as @ESignoretti Howard Marks found on twitter as @DeepStorageNet Ilja Coolen found on twitter as @ICoolen John Obeto found on twitter as @JohnObeto Justin Paul found on twitter as @recklessop Lauren Malhoit found on twitter as @Malhoit Luca Dell’Oca found on twitter as @dellock6 Marco Broeken found on twitter as @MBroeken Matt Simmons found on twitter as @StandaloneSA Rick Schlander found on twitter as @VMRick Roy Mikes found on twitter as @teovmy

As said a great delegate line-up and this is all thanks to the great work of: Stephen Foskett found on twitter as @SFoskett

and Claire Chaplais found on twitter as @CChaplais

A big thanks for the both of them as they do a great job spoiling us 😉

This SFD there will be a new video and audio system that should solve the problem of not hearing the questions from the delegates. If you experience this is not working as it should be, please contact us or the people that do the great job getting all Techfield days recorded: Benjamin Freedman found on twitter as @PrimeImageBen

and Andrea Perry found on twitter as @arperry

Make sure you’ll tune in!!