I’ve been way to quite for the last year or so. Not that I didn’t want to write stuff down and share with the community, but I just didn’t have any time left to do so. Let me explain why.

When I started my working life I started in construction, and when my IT hobby my career I always dreamed of building our own house sometime. Two years ago this dream was realized when a peace of land came up for sell in our hometown.

Just some pictures of the process:

We (our family) put all the time and effort into this, but the outcome is amazing. I’ll put the final pictures online as soon as everything is finished, but we moved in to the house 2 weeks ago, and are just finishing with the final projects.

In the mean while we are working (Thanks Max!!) hard on the TECHunplugged website, and expect a lot of new stuff on there very soon!

Thank you all for understanding!