Long time no posts, and TechUnplugged

The last couple of months I’ve been kinda quiet, right… It’s not that I didn’t have anything to tell, but I’ve been busy with a couple of awesome projects:

  • TechUnplugged (Austin 2016)
  • NLVMUG (UserCon 2016)
  • Projects: VUMC, UMCU and Abu Dhabi

Let’s dive (a little) deeper in to all of them, with a start of the TechUnplugged conference in Austin. I’ll write about the other two later this week.


TechUnplugged is a new kind of conference which was initiated by my Italian friend Enrico Signoretti. The conference is based on interaction during the entire event, giving the audiance the opportunity to really gain the knowledge the need.

A good example of what awesome content we get during the even is this presentation by Nigel Poulton during the first TechUnplugged in London:

After the first two events in 2015, the first in London and the second in Amsterdam, we decided to cross the ocean and try the same recipe in the US. So on February 2nd we’ll kickoff TechUnplugged US with a great line up of influencers as well as sponsors.

First the Influencer list:


Second the Sponsor list (not completed):










 We’ve seen that the conference is growing in Europe and we hope to achieve the same in the US. If you’re in, or near, Austin on the second of February 2016.

The agenda of the Austin event will be available here. The conference is free for end users, but seating is limited. Make sure to reserve your seat now, sign up here!