Storage Field Day 6 starts today :D


So here I am in a 747 inbound to San Francisco Airport. It’s always great to fly over Iceland, greenland and Canada and see the most beautiful landscapes from 35000 feet up.

But enough with the landscapes and pictures, the reason for flying to SFO is just as great as these. As before I’m invited to join the Tech Field Day crew for another Storage Field Day. It’s a great event, and I would like to thank Stephen, Tom and Claire for another invite. It’s an honor to join a great group of independent bloggers to visit some of the awesome companies who are creating the new technology needed to make Datacenters all over the world perform better and secure and store your valuable data.


During this event there is an awesome mixture of great people who have been to earlier events as well as a couple of cool new delegates. Let’s take a look at the group and try to say something about all of them:

Chin-Fah Heoh

This is the first new delegate and I must say I thought my flight was long, but I guess Chin-Fah breaks some long distance records… All the way form Malasia Chin-Fa is better known as StorageGaga. And not only is he sharing his knoledge through his blog, he also is one of the boardmembers of SNIA in Malasia.

Chin-Fa’s blog can be found at:

Chin-Fa on twitter:

Dan Frith

Also a new delegate and also doing a long flight as he comes from Australia. He is has a great blog with lots of great articles and I look forward to meet wolverine in person ;P

Dans blog can be found at:

And he’s on twitter at:

Dennis Martin

Yet another new delegate, but a famous one… A lot of excellent information, webinars and what all can be found on Dennis site. It’s awesome to have someone like him in the group.

Dennis blog is:

And he’s on twitter as:

Eric Shanks

Eric has been to Virtualization Field Day as well to the TFDx at VMworld and has a very informative blog the ITHollow. This will be the first time I’ll have the pleasure to meet Eric, and I’m really looking forward to meet him.

Eric blogs at:

And you can find him on twitter at:

Enrico Signoretti

There better always be an Italian at the Storage Field Day event, and with some of them turning over to the dark (green) side, we need people like Enrico. If you don’t know Enrico You should really check out his blog. Tons of information, great documents on products as well as videos and some very informative product reviews.

You can find his blog at:

And he’s found on twitter here:

Jared Kulm

Jared is another new face at Storage Field Day. With his great blog and a lot of information I’m really curious to meet him.

You can find his blog here:

And he’s on twitter too ;-P:

John Obeto

John is one the veterans this Storage Field Day. It’s always awesome to meet John, and with John in the room you know MS and Hyper-V will be mentioned a couple of times. Really looking forward in meeting John again.

John blogs at:

And is on twitter here:

Jon Klaus

A fellow dutchman coming to his first Storage Field Day. I’ve actually never met Jon in person but I did read his blog on multiple occasions. Jon will have a great time meeting al these people and companies and visiting the bay area for the first time.

Jon can be found here:

And is on twitter here:

Nigel Poulton

Need I introduce Nigel? I think not J He’s the creator of the storage rumble on Pluralsight and he’s also the writer of a storage book. That and all the great posts on his blog, the multiple podcasts and the strange facebook videos lately (;-P) make him a well known guy in the storage community. Nigel known the storage field drill because he’s been there before

Nigels blog:

His podcast:

And he’s on twitter as:

Ray Lucchesi

Ray is another veteran at this event, and it is always great to have him as a delegate. Ray has over 30 years of experience in this field and shares his knowledge with the world on his blog as well as through the greybeards podcast (which he does with the well-known Mr. Marks). It’s always an honor to meet people like Ray.

You can find his blog at: and

And he’s on twitter at:

Scott D. Lowe

Another great guy that doesn’t need any introduction. With all the great blogposts, sites and webinars on storage and virtualization you all know Scott. I heard this will be Scotts 9th TFD, so he’s the real veteran. It’s really great to have him fort his one too.

Scott blogs at:

And is on twitter here:

This will be an awesome Storage Field Day looking at the delegate list. Another great line-up is the on the sponsor side, but I’ll be writing about them later. For now we’re over the rockies and only an hour away from San Francisco. I’ll leave it at this and hope you will follow the event with the livestream, on twitter (just follow the hashtag #SFD6) and facebook.


It’s 6:00 a.m wednesday morning right now, and we’re getting ready to really start with #SFD6. Tob e honest as a group we already started yesterdayevening with a great japanese dinner, but today is the we’ll start with the first presentations. Make sure you tune in on the livestream HERE.