Two days back I posted PernixData and PowerCLI in which I used PowerCLI to show me which Hosts had PernixData installed. A lot of reactions came through twitter and facebook, but Andy Daniel (@vNephologist) replied directly on the blog telling me I could use the PernixData FVP PowerCLI plugin to accomplish the same thing.

The installation of the plugin is as easy as starting PowerCLI and importing the module:

import-module prnxcli

powercliprnxclick to enlarge

Let’s check if the command did what we wanted it to do:


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When this is done, we will need to connect to the PernixData Management Server. Use the following line:

Connect-PrnxServer host-ip -Username name -Password password

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Let’s see what our PernixData FVP environment looks like at the moment using the following line:


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As you can see there is not a whole lot of information shown here, but that’s mainly because of this being a small homelab with PernixData not installed on any host yet. I’ll be diving into installing and managing PernixData FVP with PowerCLI in later posts.

A great resource for this is the following post by Byron Schaller (@byronschaller):

Guide to PernixData FVP PowerShell Commands

For now a big thanks to Andy for pointing this out. See you later ;P