former VMware CTO EUC joins Infinio

Today Infinio announces that Scott Davis (Former VMware EUC CTO) will join them as a CTO.  To know who Scott Davis is I’ll quote a bit of his biography from the VMware site:

My background includes a mixture of both startup ventures and more established industry firms. Prior to joining VMware, I was Founder, President, and CTO of Virtual Iron Software, which originally created a unique clustered hypervisor that enabled virtual machines to span physical servers utilizing Infiniband as a shared memory-style interconnect. The company was later acquired by Oracle and became the basis of OracleVM. I was also VP/CTO at Mangosoft, an Internet software and storage startup company with pioneering peer-to-peer clustering, caching and file system products. I spent the early part of my career at D.E.C. where I was Technical Director for VAXClusters and VMS Volume Shadowing products, as well as Digital’s Windows NT clustering technology (later sold to Microsoft as the genesis of Microsoft ‘Wolfpack’ Cluster Server).

Reading this my conclusion is that Scott has a  deep knowledge about storage (he just needs a grey beard 😉 ) and therefor he is a great expansion to the Infinio team. But wait, he’s not an addition because Infinio already had a CTO, so what happened there?

Infinio’s had a CTO in the person of Vishal Misra. Vishal is a professor at the Columbia University. He was the one that thought up the need for Infinio based on his reseach at Columbia. He’ll pass his CTO cap over to Scott and will be focussing more on being professor, but continue being the chief scientist at Infinio).

I’m sure the Infinio team will keep on building a great team and freaking awesome technology. And I congratulate both Infinio and Scott!

The official Infinio press release can be found here



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