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Last week my friends from Nutanix opened their brand new EMEA Headquarters in Hoofddorp (Amsterdam). It’s awesome to see such a company like Nutanix opening their HQ in the Netherlands. If you don’t know what Nutanix does, you’ve probably been living under a rock, and the first thing you need to know is that the world is round…. Just to spread a little light on the Nutanix way of life.


Nutanix wouldn’t be Nutanix if this opening wouldn’t be a big party, and as always they showed their love for the community by inviting a couple of bloggers to a special blogger event  just an hour before the grand opening party. And even better, they had Dheeraj Pandey (CEO), Howard Ting (VP Marketing & Product Management),  Mark Fisher (Senior Director, Worldwide Demand Generation at Nutanix), Declan Waters (Director, Corporate Communications), Dirk Marichal (VP Sales EMEA) and Jan Ursi (Director EMEA, Channel Sales & Field Marketing at Nutanix) to make sure the bloggers were entertained like rockstars. We even got a Scott D. Lowe Software-Defined Storage for Dummies Book ;-P

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Opening the Head Quarters in Amsterdam is the best choice if you ask me, and that is not only because I’m a dutch guy. Looking at the Virtualization Community and the knowledge of technology in the Benelux the choice of being here is easy to make (although the financial people would probably tend more towards Dublin ;-))

The meeting was opened by Jan Ursi who told us that this was an historical meeting because of the awesome technology offered by Nutanix is already changing the IT World, and will keep on continue doing so. The bloggers present would (in the “near” future) look back at this event and know they were part of a piece of IT history… I’ll take his word on that 😉

After Jan it was Dirk’s turn. Dirk talked about the past to build a bridge to the future. He told us why Nutanix is changing the world and also explained the choice for the location of the EMEA head quarters. Dirk wouldn’t be Dirk if he didn’t ask us not to tweet about unimportant stuff (Goodmorning, and I’m taking a shower now) anymore, but only focus on good technology tweets (of which the majority probably should be on Nutanix, I guess…)

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Next we were updated by Howard Ting (and Dheeraj) and we discussed multiple great topics with the bloggers and Nutanix people. What I think was great is the possibilty to talk to the important people at Nutanix, and know you’re being heard. The Nutanix leadership listens to what the community tells them, and is willing to work with them to make the Nutanix product even better. The discussion on building a Nutanix Community (like the VMware/Citrix/Microsoft communities) was great, and if you were there you know Dheeraj, Howard, Dirk and the others were more then willing to listen, discuss and in the near future will  act on the things said by the bloggers.

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Webscale IT

Dheeraj also talked about the webscale IT concept, and why Nutanix is very suitable for this “upcoming” technology solution. Webscale IT is how Gartner describes  the things happening at companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and so on, which enable them to achieve extreme levels of service delivery. Gartner identifies Web Scale IT in six bullets:

  • industrial data centers (Think BIG)
  • web-oriented architectures (Think REST)
  • programmable management (Think API)
  • agile processes (Think Software Defined)
  • collaborative organization style (think of working as one)
  • and a learning culture (think of Einstein: “Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience”.

If you take a good look at the bullets you know Nutanix is on track for Web Scale IT, and they’ll put a lot of effort in staying a leader in Web Scale IT, and knowing Nutanix they’ll do a damn good job.

If you’re a frequent reader of my blog you know I’m not that fond of the Software Defined Everything thing that’s happening at the moment. I my opinion it’s wrong to think Software changes everything, as does changes are only made possible by the very impressive technology gains made by the hardware vendors. The Web Scale IT naming is something that describes all these things much better if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, these are awesome times, but that for software as well as hardware.

I had a great time at the brand new Nutanix EMEA Head Quarters. It’s awesome to meet visionairs like Dheeraj and Howard, and notice they are listening to the things told by the community.  Jan was right saying a piece of history was written last week, even if we would look back on it and would say it was only Nutanix history, it still is very impressive what this history reveals…