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Today is the start of Wireless Field Day 6 which in turn means a new year of Tech Field Day awesomeness, and I wanted to share my experience with the Tech Field Day family, and invite you to join. Last year I wrote an article called:” You can be a SFD4 delegate“. But there’s more. As some of you don’t exactly would like to be a Storage Field Day delegate (I could never understand why ;-P), I would like to point out you can be a tech field day delegate, and Stephen, Tom and Claire are always on the look for new Tech Field Day delegates. Tech Field Day started in 2009 with TFD1 and in a five year time frame in grew to multiple Field Days. Let’s have a look:


As said it all started with the Tech Field Days. This is the mother of all Field Days and it’s focus is on Servers, Networking and Storage. You’re absolutely right saying, these are all the other Field Days, but this is where it started and it’s still a great Field day, as it brings all the different oriented delegates and companies together. When you take a look at the delegates that attended the Tech Field Days, most of them are names you’ll probably know because they blog, twitter or use any kind of social media to be share their view on a certain product. Names like Bas Raayman, Rick Vanover, Greg Knieriemen, Howard Marks, Scott D Lowe and many others were on one or more of the Tech Field Delagate list. But if looking at the big names will hold you from applying as a Delegate, think again… All of them started at some time (OK, admitted no one knows when Howard started ;-P) but thay all started and were recgonized by their communities.


In September 2010 the first Field Day with a primary focus saw the light. Networking Field Day is a Field Day which focus is on wired networking and is executed together with the people from the packet pushers podcast. Every Networking Field day brings together a group of independent and highly motivated Networking specialists that will be listening, and discussing products within the networking space. The Networking Field Day crew always makes sure the delegates will visit the top companies in the sector and provides the companies with delegates that are the top notch in the Networking field. Networking Field Day also provides symposium’s and extra tech field days on events like Cisco Live and Interop. If you’re in the Networking Field and you would like attend one of these events make sure to fill in the become a delegate form.


I started this post with saying today Wireless Field Day 6 (just look for #WFD6 on twitter, or visit the Wireless Field Day 6 page). The concept of Networking Field is used for all the Field Days, the only thing that’s different are the topics, the delegates and the companies (although some companies have been presenting on both Field Days). Where Networking is all about wired networking, Wireless Field Day is all about Wireless solutions and mobility technology.


The Storage Field Day primary focus is on storage and data protection. SFD brings together the best independent thought leaders in data storage to discuss pressing issues and technology advancements with key companies in the space. I’ve been to the first four Storage Field Day events and meet a lot experts in this field. It’s always great to meet with people like Howard Marks, Rick Shchandler, Matt Simmons, Enrico Signoretti, Luca Dell’Oca and Chris Wahl. But there are so many more things that makes it an unforgetable experience to be a Tech Field Day event.


Virtualization Field Day (VFD) focuses on server and desktop virtualization and management technologies. VFD brings together the best independent thought leaders in virtualization to discuss pressing issues and technology advancements with key companies in the space.

I’ve been to multiple events hosted by the Tech Field Day team, and I must say it’s one of the most awesome experiences in my IT life. The delegates are treated like kings and everything is arranged for them. They always bring hometown gifts to the event to give the other delegates a feeling of the town/provicence/country where a delegate lives. The delegates are together for a few days (sometimes even a week) and it’s always awesome to see likeminded people and talk to them about shared passion.

The Tech Field Day Team Stephen Foskett, Tom Hollingworth and Claire Chaplais are excelllent hosts and always provide the delegates with anything they need. They make the Tech Field Day experience unforgetable, and people notice that in both the Delegate world as well as the sponsor world. Thanks for a great experience Stephen, Tom and Claire, you ROCK!

Make sure to join the Live online Wireless Field Day 6 presentations, to see what happens during these events. But don’t forget, although this is the important part of a Tech Field Day Event, There is so much more… Being with the other delegates, and sharing knowledge, hometown gifts and friendship. Being with the Tech Field Day crew and believe me that’s an experience you don’t want to miss. The offline discussions with the presenting companies, where a lot of extra knowledge is shared. Driving around in a big Limo with the delegates, talking about the companies visited and having a lot of fun. There is just so much to be mentoined….


So to round this up:

  • Make sure to tune in to the Livestream of WFD6: Here
  • Sign up to become a delegate: Here
  • Talk with people who have been delegates. Watch the delegate list: Here (twitter handles and blogs can be found there)
  • Talk to the Tech Field Day staff: Stephen Foskett, Tom Hollingsworth or Claire Chaplais
  • Watch the video’s that were recorded during the events: Youtube or Vimeo

Being a Tech Field Day Delegate is an awesome experience, andyou can be there too. It’s not a mission impossible. Reach out, ask and make sure you’re on the list.

Hope to meet you some time at one of the events and don’t hesitate to ask!

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