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I heard an system administrator say: The problem for most of us is that users want the same flexibilty at work as they have at home. And to be honest that’s not a strange thing to ask, although, most of the time they totally forget that the data they generate for their company is highly valuable (for their company as well as their competitors) and most of the time protected under company- as well as goverment law. On the other hand, making sure that data can be shared flexible should should be important as it is makes the users more productive.

Snow(den) patrol

Companies as well as users are anxious these days where there information is stored since Edward Snowden made clear how much is being processed by government agencies (like the NSA). And still, a lot people just think and say they have nothing to hide. Although this might be true for some of their private data (certainly not all of it!), what about the data they are sharing that is company owned? Please don’t forget that it’s not only the government agencies that are more then happy with people putting their data in the cloud, hackers have a real pleasure in this as well as company data is then more easy to steal and sell to competitors… So making sure your data is save, is high priority for every company.


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Meet Oxygen Cloud’s Odrive

During Storage Field Day 4 we visited the Oxygen Cloud HQ. When we arrived and were being welcomed by all employees I had a brief discussion with Peter Chang (CEO of Oxygen Cloud) about the problems discribed above, and he smiled… My first thought was that this would be yet another cloud storage solution like dropbox, which might be great for our USA friends but would be of no use for those from outside USA… Admitted, I was totally wrong.

Here comes the odrive

Hear it coming like a sirene 😉 By installing the odrive gateway, a user can be connected by sending an email. By clicking on the link provided in the mail, a user gets an folder on their device.

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The gateway uses REST API’s to make sure the data is synced between the storage array (on premise) and the user device.The on premise part is really important here. While most other filesharing solutions are cloud storage solutions, a company can’t be sure their data is safe and still protected the way the company (and in some cases the government) has issued. Another great thin about oDrive is that data is protected from file corruption when multiple people work on the same document offline and then uploading it when they’re done. Furthermore oDrive gives the possibility for hot data to be synced and available through the progressive sync option, and still give the user the ability to put files and directories they want in sync while older (cold data) can be disclosed from sync by a user.

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So is this Filesharing Nirvana?

I think highly of the Oxygen Cloud oDrive solution. It’s a solution many of us in the EMEA (and other outside USA companies) have been waiting for. Making it easy for users to share files on an on-premise (or country local) storage solution is very important for enterprises as well as SMB. Luckily Odrive offers many features which is great, but there are a few important ones that are missing in the Beta. First of all I miss Active Directory integration. It’s awesome if you’re sharing with just a few people, but if your list becomes bigger you just want to be able to select a user in stead of filling in all those mailadresses. Second feature that is needed is the ability to make sure the data synced onto the device can be swiped asap. I know this can be done by the Apple, Google and other device vendors tooling when the device is stolen or lost, but what if a user is fired, so I want the opportunity to do this from within the application. Still I love Odrive as it promises to be a great solution.

All in all I I can’t wait for the Beta to begin (probably very soon). Make sure you sign up for it here, and when you’re missing features make sure to tell the Oxygen Cloud team, as I’m sure they are more then happy with you’re feedback.

Make sure You’ll watch the Storage Field Day 4 video’s to see the Odrive awesomeness….

Peter Chang, Founder and CEO, introduces Oxygen Cloud, beginning with its history since 2009 and setting the stage to introduce odrive.

Leo Leung, VP of Product, introduces and demonstrates Oxygen Cloud’s new oDrive product. He is joined by Peter Chang, Founder and CEO, for questions and answers.

Peter Chang, Founder and CEO, delves into Oxygen Cloud’s new oDrive product, discussing how it works in detail.

Just for fun:

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