Upload MS Sysprep files to VMware vCSA

After re-installation of my homelab, I decided it was time to use the VMware vCSA instead of the Windows based vCenter Server. Doing some testing on Infinio and , I wanted to install some windows XP machines. After creating a XP template I wanted to use the wizard to customize the XP installations but got the following message:

sysprep1 click to enlarge

In the old days this was rather easy to solve, but with the VMware vCSA appliance I wasn’t so sure… During my google search, the first I came across was this article this article by Hugo Phan, and this solved the problem.

But then when I logged into the mgmt interface of the vCSA https://FQDN-vCSA:5480 I noticed there is another way also. Let me explain:

First log on to your vCSA. When logged in, on the first window (vCenter server – summary) you’ll find sysprep files and the upload button:

sysprep2 click to enlarge

In the sysprep files upload window first choose the windows OS of choice, and then choose files:

sysprep3 click to enlarge

Make sure all files from the deploy.cab are uploaded to the sysprep folder on the vCSA, and click close:


In the post from hugo you can find the links for the OS’es that need the sysprep files (from windows Vista and newer OS’es sysprep is build in), so make sure you’ll read that post as well.

Post Hugo: