Infinio Accelerator goes GA

While visiting VMworld 2013 in San Francisco I attended some of the Tech Field Day roundtables. One of the presenting companies was Infinio. I already seen their presentation during Tech Field Day 9 (watch the video’s here )

In the world of accelerating your storage performance in a virtual environment most vendors use flash for acceleration, while Infinio chose to accelerate though a different path. As said most of the modern day storage performance accelerators use flash as a way to accelerate the reads (and sometimes writes like PernixData, Flashsoft and Proximal Data) Infinio uses RAM (and CPU) to accelerate performance. Here is a video on how this works:

Infinio works on NAS only, at the moment but this might change in the future. As the video shows the solution works through a VM that allocates 8 GB memory (and 2 vCPU’s) from the ESXi host to create a deduplicated memory cache pool. The installation process for infinio is very easy:

  1. It all starts with the download of the Infinio Accelerator installer.
  2. Let the Infinio Accelerator software discover your virtual infrastructure and choose the datastores you want to accelerate
  3. Install the Accelerator software and get the boost in performance

No reboots required for boosting your storage performance and no Flash device needed. It sounds awesome and it is awesome. So surf to the infinio website and make sure you download and install the software (you can try it for 30 days and if it doesn’t meet your requirements, you can just as easy de-install the product as it was installed). After you convinced yourself of the Infinio product you can buy the software for $ 499,- per socket (which will turn out to be $ 998,- per ESXi host in most environments)

One other video you should see is the Tech Field Day Roundtable at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco:

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