Asigra at the Tech Field Day roundtable

I received an invitation of the TechFieldDay team to join them on their roundtables during VMworld 2013 in San Francisco. I attended these roundtables last year also, and it was awesome to do these deep dives with the companies presenting.

This year we have some vendors that I already met during previous Tech Field Days, but also some new ones.

The first roundtable being held will be on Asigra, a company providing companies a cloud model backup and recovery suite.

Asigra environment

As the picture above shows, Asigra is an agentless backup and recovery suite. This is important as you want to protect your infrastructure the most easy but secure way. Installing an agent on every server can be time-consuming, it consumes resources (CPU, RAM) from the server and for agents to do it’s work you’ll probably have to open a firewall port on which communication to take place posing a security risk. Using the Asigra agentless approach you’ll bypass these problems.


As most modern backup and recovery vendors, Asigra offers deduplication. With Deduplication and Compression Asigra provides you as a customer, as well as the ISP the best possible solution for Cloud Backup.

Dedupe Asigra

I’m looking forward too seeing the Asigra guys again, as we already met them during Storage Field 2.

More information on Asigra:

Asigra website

Video’s of Storage Field Day 2

Asigra Introduction from Stephen Foskett on Vimeo.

Asigra Cloud Backup Demonstration from Stephen Foskett on Vimeo.