During the next days I’ll blog about some of the vendors I’ll be visiting during the VMworld 2013 in San Francisco. Most of them will be storage related as this is one of the things that interests me the most 😉 I’ll start this vendor visit list with NimbusData which can be found in Booth 723 at the solutions exchange in the moscone center.

During Storage Field Day 1 and 2 I got the oppertunity to get a better understanding of the all-flash vendor NimbusData. They impressed me with a couple of things that I think are unique to this industry, and I really love how Thomas Isakovich build this company. He did spend tremendous time and money to get the company up and running, and he provided us with some amazing products like the Gemini F400 and F600.

A couple of things are worth mentioning when looking at NimbusData:

The HALO Operating System

The HALO OS is something that comes with the storage you buy. All features are included with the software. So unlike some of the other vendors, you buy an all-included system so there is no need to buy extra expensive replication licensing or snapshotting licenses…


Inline Deduplication and compression

Although more and more of the startups are providing this feature, it still is a cool feature that Nimbus provides on it’s Gemini systems. And as already said when you buy a NimbusData deduplication is included (but you can turn it off if you’d like). When you watch the picture below you’ll see the typical deduplication ratio’s for Server- and Desktop virtualization reached by NimbusData in various deployments.


SSD’s made by Nimbus

NimbusData builds their own SSD’s and are optimized to use the Gemini Storage controller and vice versa. By doing this Nimbus can provide a garanteed lifecycle for their flash of 10 years (this is an option). Watch the video to get a better understanding of why Nimbus builds their own SSD’s.


Multiprotocol Connectivity

NimbusData provide it’s customers with multiprotocol connectivity which makes it easy for them. Infiniband with SRP and IPoIB protocols (20/40/56 Gbps) Ethernet with support for iSCSI, NFS, and CIFS protocols (1/10/40 GBps) and FibreChannel with FCP protocol support (Up to the latest 16 GBps). Press on the picture for a bigger one.


There is lot more to know about NimbusData, and I’m really looking forward on meeting them on VMworld. I’m sure they’ll love to see you in booth 723 also. Make sure to ask whaterver question you have, because the people at Nimbus are more then capable to answer you.

Make sure to visit the following websites to learn more about NimbusData: