The Nutanix Platform Professional certificate

Never heard of Nutanix??? It’s time to get out from under your rock and look at the product that’s changing the Datacenter.

I first heard about Nutanix while listening in on the Techfieldday 8 session in 2011 and later at Storage Field Day 2 in San Jose (CA) I was very impressed with the capabilties offered by Nutanix. I’ll share the videolinks’s here:

Storage Field Day 2

Nutanix at Tech Field Day VMworld 2012

Since the Nutanix EMEA team (Ides Van Neuville, Dirk Marichal, Jan Ursi, Patrick van de Werken and Raymon Epping) started, and the team got traction by organizing the Star Trek: Into the Darkness launch. Nutanix and ITQ became partners. And because I work for a Nutanix partner I was invited to follow a two day Nutanix Training in Brussels.

Meghan Myers was our teacher during the NOS 3.0.3 Administration Course, where we walked through the coursebook and had the oppertunity to use two Nutanix NX 2000 series blocks for practice. It was a great training providing the information needed to help the companies build their own Nutanix environment.

It took a couple of weeks before I was provided with a link to certify myself as a Nutanix Platform Professional, but the website was a great resource. The training we had in Brussels on those two days was available online also and could be watched in an online viewer. After watching some of the training again, I was convident enough to do the exam that excists of 50 multiple choice questions in the following categories:

1. About Nutanix Complete Cluster
2. Cluster Management
3. Configuring the Cluster
4. vSphere Integration
5. Concluding the Installation
6. VDI Best Practices
7. Backup and Recovery
8. Cluster Architecture
9. Failure Scenarios
10. Cluster Maintenance
11. Monitoring and Troubleshooting

The quality of the exam was good, and my final score was 88% (passing score is 80%). For a startup Nutanix is one of those companies providing a great knowledge base and experience, which are needed to revolutionize the Datacenter.