Deep Security 9 Part 2: The Database

Yesterday in the first part of this blog series on installing Trend Micro Deep Security 9 we installed the VMware vShield Manager as well as the vShield Endpoint on the hosts in our environment. The last prerequisite is the setup of the database for the DSM. This Database can be an Microsoft SQL or Oracle Database. While installing the Deep Security Manager you’ll have the option to install a build in that will only be able to support about 10 VM’s…..

The Database will grow fast, and an Microsoft SQL Express Database which has a limit of 4GB will be suitable for about 50 VM’s. Take that in mind when you’re doing a Proof of concept an thinking about using this kind of database.

With all that being said, let’s setup a database for the Deep Security Manager (I’ll use SQL2012 in this case):

Open the Microsoft SQL server management Studio:


In the Connect to Server windows choose your authentication method and press Connect:


Right Click on Databases and select New Database:


Provide a name for the database, select a database owner and press OK (leave the rest default):


If everything went well the database will be created and show in the Databases tab:


This step is the last one needed to begin the install of the Trend Micro Deep Security Manager. See you next time, and again when ever you have questions please feel free to contact me 😉