Deep Security 9 Part 1: Installing the vShield Manager and Endpoint

Installing Deep Security is not that hard. In this post I’ll walk you through the first step of getting Deep Security up and running in your virtual environment. The installation of vShield Manager.

In order to get Trend Micro Deep Security running a couple of prerequisites need to be in place. The prerequisites that need to be in place are:

  • The vShield Manager
  • The vShield Endpoint (installed on every host)
  • A Database (SQL or Oracle)

Let’s start with installing the vShield Manager. In order to this you’ll have to download the vShield Manager here. After the download is done, open vCenter and go to File –> Deploy OVF Template (Press picture for larger image)


In the Source window Click Browse


Browse to the vShield Manager OVA file and Open it


Click Next in the Source window


In the OVF Template Details click Next


In the End User License Agreement click Accept and click Next


In the Name and Location window Provide a vSM name and click Next


In the Host / Cluster window select the Cluster you want the vSM to be in and click Next


In the Specify a Specific Host select a host and click Next


In the Storage window choose the datastore you want to use and click Next


In the Disk Format window choose the format you want to use and click Next


In the Ready to Complete window Select Power on after Deployment and Press Finish


The deployment of the OVF will start and after this is complete open the vSM Console window




To log in to vSM use the Default username: admin and password: default

  • Provide a IP Address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Default gateway
  • Primary (and secondary) DNS


Open a webbrowser and surf to the IP address you just provided for the vSM

Log in with the admin account (user: admin pw: default)

Edit the vCenter Server settings so the vSM is able to communicate with the vSphere environment


The installation of the vSM is now done. To install vShield Endpoint on the hosts perforn these steps

In vSM browse to the host you want vShield Enpoint to be installed on and click Install


In the next we’ll install the Trend Micro Deep Security Manager. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.