He vExpert, Team TFD needs YOU!!!

@Virtual_Bill has been busy getting another v0dgeball team for the annual EMC-sponsored v0dgeball tournament… We ned some help from you guys to get this Gold Medal team up and running and show the other teams they are …… 😉

Follow this link to fill in the form:

Info provided by Bill:

VMworld 2012 marks the 3rd year for the EMC-sponsored v0dgeball tournament.
All proceeds from the tournament go for the Wounded Warrior Project.

This year, with the backing of the Gestalt IT Godfather, Stephen Foskett, we are rounding up Tech Field Day delegates to create a super team of dodgeballers. If we can throw a ball at a competitor as well as we throw water bottles at presenters who say “Gartner”, “Magic Quadrant”, or “Single Pane of Glass”, the other teams hardly stand a chance of winning!

For more event information, check out:

WHEN: Sunday, August 26 – 4-6pm
WHERE: Soma Rec Center
WHO: You (of course)
# of PLAYERS: 10
COST: Team entry requires $1000. So, we would need to split the cost across the players: $100/player.
UPDATE: A mysterious doner is willing to provide some additional funds to help ease the financial pressure on the team. So, please provide how much you would be willing to pay in the comments field! HINT: They have a NEX and know how to use it!

So… what do you say?! Are you ready to step up and join Team TFD?!

NOTE: Signing up on this form merely indicates that you are available during the timeslot and that you would be willing to pony up $100 if we are able to get enough people. I will reach out to the first 9 people to respond with an invite for the team!

~Bill (@virtual_bill)

So if you’d like to be in the winning team? Join ours….