Installing VMware vShield 5 Endpoint Driver on vSphere 5 VM’s

In this blog post written yesterday I explained how to install the VMware vShield 1.0 Endpoint driver on VM’s in a vSphere 4.x environment. VMware made the process to install the driver a lot easier (at least the way to find the installation file ;-)) through adding the installation file to the VMtools installation procedure.

Make sure not to install the vShield 5 installations on a vSphere 4.x environment. The API’s changed to much to get Trend Micro up Deep Security and running when you do this.

To install the vShield 5 Endpoint Driver perform the following steps:

  • To install the vShield 5 Endpoint Driver you need to make sure the VMtools CD is connected:
  • Slide2
  • After you’ve connected the VMtools CD choose the Interactive Tools Upgrade option and press OK:
  • Slide3
  • In the AutoPlay screen press Run setup64.exe:
  • Slide4
  • In the VMware Tools Welcome screen press Next:
  • Slide5
  • In the Program Maintenance screen select Modify and press Next:
  • Slide6
  • In the Custom Setup screen press the + sign VMware Device Drivers:
  • Slide7
  • Scroll down and press the WMCI Driver +, press on the vShield driver Icon and select “this feature will be installed on local hard drive”. After this selection click Next.
  • Slide8
  • In the Ready to Modify the Program screen press modify to install the driver:
  • Slide9

You can check if the installation went well by doing the following steps:

  • Log in to the VMware vShield Manger server via a webbrowser (default user: admin / default password: default):
  • slide10
  • Open the Datacenters Tab, the Cluster Tab and select the ESX host that contains the VM. Open the Endpoint Tab in the right screen and if everything went well the VM will show up in the protected state (if not restart the VM)
  • slide11

That’s it! If you have a question, just ask 😉


Author: Arjan

I’m a 40-year old virtualisation Consultant working for Metis IT ( I’m a VCAP-DCA 4, VCP 4/5, MCSA2008, MCTS, MCP, CCA, CCNA . Working for large government agencies in the Netherlands with a strong focus on designing there VMware infrastructures. Started blogging a couple of years back about VDI and cloud solutions, my focus shifted towards storage and virtualization in general. This blog is all about virtualisation, cloud, storage and IT technology. Writing things on this blog is all about giving to the community. I’m married to the most beautiful woman in the world. We are blessed with two princesses (7 and 9 years old) and one little boy of 17 months ;-P.

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