vShield Endpoint Driver installation on vSphere 4.x

Implementing a Proof of Concept (PoC) with VMware vSphere 4.1, VMware vShield and Trend Micro Deep security I found out a couple of things the hard way. To make sure you don’t get in the same trouble I had, I will only show the installation of the vShield Endpoint Driver installation.

Very important advice: Don’t install vShield v5 in an vSphere 4.x environment

There are two ways to install the driver into a VM:

  1. Download the latest VMware Endpoint Driver (version 1.0.0 Update 2) and install the driver
  2. Download and connect the latest vSphere 4.1 VMtools ISO and install the driver

This post will be based on the second choice, so make sure to download the the latest VMtools ISO here (download the 32 an 64 bits versions)

  • First we need to make sure the ISO is connected to the VM:


  • In the screen that will popup go to the datastore that contains the ISO files. Selct the ISO and press OK:


  • Open windows explorer and go to the VMware-vShield-Endpoint-Driver on the CD:


  • In the popup screen accept the license agreement and click install:


  • After the install click Finish and restart the VM:


  • Restart the computer

You’re now done with installing the vShield Endpoint Driver installation for VMware vSphere 4.x.

Let me know if you’ve any question.


  1. Hi Arjan

    I saw your comment about vSheild 5 and vSpehere 4 env. Could you give me a little bit more information on this topic?

    You wrote: Very important advice: Don’t install vShield v5 in an vSphere 4.x environment

    Where is the problem? Within ESX 4 hosts or something else.

    I am in the middle of implementation with TrendMicro deep security and right now I just installed vSheild appliance (but no configuration).

    I was looking for vShield Endpoint Driver and then I saw your post regarding this thing.

    My env:

    vCenter 5.0
    2 x ESX 4.1 hosts

    Any information would be helpfull.

    Regards, Dejan

    • Arjan Timmerman

      Hi Dejan,

      First of all sorry for the late reply, but I was on holiday ;-D

      My experience is in an all vSphere 4.x environment. In order to get TrendMicro DeepSecurity working, you need to get the right vShield endpoint appliance on the ESX hosts (in your case the vShield 5 one). On the other hand you need to get the right vShield endpoint drivers on the VM’s. Your case is totally different from mine because you make use of vCenter 5 where mine was vCenter 4.1 U1. I would in your case just go on with installing the way you already planned, you should be fine!




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