Januari 20 I did the VMware Certified Professional Exam 5 and passed. In this post I’ll tell the resources I used to achieve my VCP 5 status.

To become a VCP 5 you must already be a VCP 4 or attend the VMware qualified vSphere 5: Install, Manage and Configure training course. This doesn’t mean you can’t do the exam. It means you will not be rewarded with the VCP 5 status unless you’ll do a VMware certified course (even if it’s afterward).

I did the VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3.0: Install and configure course in 2006 but never did the exam. Untill 2010 VMware offered the oppertunity to attend the VMware vSphere 4: What’s New training course as a possibility to obtain the VCP 4 status. I made use of this and became a VCP 4.

When VMware introduced vSphere 5 I told myself I wouldn’t wait as long as with VCP 4 to upgrade my VCP status. I knew I could do the VCP 5 exam without attending any certified course, but when Mr. SLoof told me he was giving the first What’s New training, I couldn’t resist 😉

The What’s New training is a good training for people who are working with VMware vSphere 4 on a regular basis but don’t have time to deep dive into the new features of vSphere 5. And, as told, as of the first of March 2012 you are forced take the training before you can earn your VCP 5 status.

So the What’s New training was a great resource but it certainly wasn’t enough to have enough know how for the exam. So the following resource are also must haves:


Mastering vSphere 5 by Scott Lowe is a must have for everyone who will be trying the VCP 5 exam. It covers all assets of the exam in detail and the build up in the book is excellent. This makes the book great for someone just starting with VMware vSphere 5 and the one who already is a veteran who just needs to read up into the what’s new.


The second book is (could it be anything different? 😉 the VMware vSphere 5 Clustering technical Deepdive by Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman. The book goes in depth on all HA/DRS/DPM settings available in vSphere 5. It was the first vSphere 5 book available on the market, and this book should be on the bookshelf of everyone administrating VMware vSphere 5 environments. Be sure to also visit the blogs of these gurus as they are great resources for VMware vSphere administrators.


The last resource I used was the VMware VCP 5 Exam Blueprint. In the document VMware shows point by point all objectives covered in the exam. All objectives are briefly descriped followed with the links to all whitepapers and other resources with information on that objective.

Make sure you take one or two of the many available mock exams. Just to make sure you are prepared for the kind of questions you might get, and to make sure you can focus on the objectives that need your full attention. You can find one on the VMware site (under VCP5 resources), another one can be found on the Slog website (Simon Long ).

Also the following blogs are great resources for the VMware VCP 5 exam:

The VMware Website

Yellow-Bricks– Duncan Epping Blog

Frankdenneman.nl– Frank Denneman Blog

NTPRO.nl – Eric Sloof blog

ScottLowe.org– Scott Lowe blog

Vladan.fr – Vladan Seget blog