Last week I was honored to be the guest on the vSoup podcast.


The guys making the podcast: Chris Dearden (, Ed Czerwin ( and Christian Mohn ( make a podcast ones in a while where everything can be said. And BTW there is always “a little ” virtualization involved 😉

One of the great things about the vSoup podcast is that in some of them you can win something by entering a competition. In this podcast such a competition is also being held and there is a great price to win (quote):

Competition Time

Again, we get going with a new competition for our listeners, and yet again, we’re giving you the change to win a virtualization book. This time the prize is the VMware vSphere 5 Clustering Technical Deepdive, written by Duncan Epping ( and Frank Denneman ( You can get your hands on a signed copy of the book, if you can answer the two questions Arjan asks in the podcast.

Note: The first question has changed to this:
“In a vSphere 5 Cluster, if the Master Node fails an election process is
started. Explain this new election process.”

Send in your answers by using our contact form (end qoute).

So if you want to win a signed copy of this first published VMware vSphere 5 book, don’t hesitate and listen to the podcast and take your chance 😉