It’s time for a new chapter…..

Today I signed a contract with Qurius:


As of 07/01/2011 I will start as a Technical Infrastructure Consultant with a main focus on virtualization (VMware) and storage (EMC).

Who is Qurius:

Qurius provides technology answers: design, architecture, infrastructure, deployment and systems management of Microsoft-based business and IT solutions. Headquartered in Zaltbommel, the Netherlands, we serve customers across Europe, including Belgium, Germany and Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. In 2010, we openly declared a target of 100 per cent sustainability by 2014. A bold objective, designed to drive the company to European leadership in the field of sustainable ICT. We aim to be the number one choice for customers with the same ambition and the same sustainability goals. Qurius has been publicly quoted on Euronext Amsterdam since 1998. For more information, visit





A VMware Workstation lock needs to be picked…

After a power outage this evening I needed to power up my homelab again.

A couple of VM’s running within VMware Workstation on a Windows 7 Machine couldn’t be started and the following error message did pop up:


So what are the steps needed to solve this problem.

  • The first step is to find the VM’s location. Select the VM and in the menu click on VM – Settings (See picture below):


  • The virtual Machine Settings screen will open. Click On Hard Disk and then on Utilities (See picture below):


  • In the drop down menu click on Map (See picture below):


  • In the File Name field you’ll see the exact location of the VM (See picture below):


  • Go to the folder in which all VM files are located. C:\Users\Uber\Documents\Virtual Machines\ in my case:


  • Right click on the *.lck folder. In the drop down menu click on delete (see picture below):


  • It is possible there are multiple *.lck files, delete them all. When done you’ll be able to start the VM in Workstation:


Hope your problem is solved with this. If you’ve got a comment, please let me know.