To get the vCloud Director up and running you’ll need to use an oracle database. While not supported by VMware, the Oracle 10g Express database can be used to get vCloud up and running. Because we have to use the oracle database anyways, i decided to use it for my vCenter server as well.

There is a great post by Duncan Epping ( about what steps need to performed to get the vCloud Director installed within CentOS. Most of the steps done in this post come from this post. So let’s start with the installation of CentOS 5.5.

I already installed a router (see this post) and installed a AD/DNS environment. I will not cover the installation of the AD/DNS environment or the install of Windows Server. I also installed Windows Server 2008 R2 and vCenter. In vCenter I created a datacenter and added the ESXi hosts.

For the installation of the VMware vCloud Director we need a installation of CentOS 5.5 and Oracle 10g Express:

  1. The CentOS 5.5 install iso. Download here (be sure to download the full installation files. NOT the liveCD…)
  2. The Oracle 10g Express rpm. Download here

The following pdf files are step by step installation guides for installing the CentOS VM and oracle 10g Express

Step-by-Step installation of CentOS 5.5 in Workstation 7.1

Step-by-Step installation of the Oracle 10g Express database

When you’ve performed this steps, all systems are ready….. For vShield and vCloud Director installation.

See you at Part 4 šŸ˜‰