Juniper’s QFabric makes a datacenter Cloud ready!

Juniper just released information about their QFabric product, first a teaser:

They also made a good video on what the QFabric does:

More information on Juniper’s Qfabric can be found on the Juniper website. Some datasheet/Design articles:

Cloud Ready Data Center Network Design Guide: Click here

Data Center LAN Migration Guide: Click here

QFX3500 Switch Datasheet: Click hereseroquel experiences hcl

A new vSphere Homebrew/Whitebox EU style

Inspired by Chad Sakac’s post about his whitebox update I decided to see what the prices for two new whiteboxes would be like in Europe. After some investigation I ordered the following setup (twice ;-)):

Be Aware that in my list no Graphic card is included which is a must with the XEON processor (when you want to use the onboard GPU, you’ll have to get a i7 930 or something equivalent). I had two spare ATI 4550 cards, so i’ll use them.

Total cost: € 571,30 (without shipping cost)


I sold my two old whiteboxes (Q6700, 8GB and 320 GB HDD) for € 250,- each so my total cost for a new vSphere lab:

€ 1150,- – € 500,- = € 650,- (not bad I think)

Great price and full warranty 😉 For shared storage i’ve always used Openfiler, but after watching the first two EMC webcast’s (by Simon Seagrave and Rick Scherer) i’ve decided to play with the EMC Celerra Virtual Storage Appliance.

VCAP-DCA study – installing vMA

For my VCAP-DCA study I’m using these exellent websites with blue prints for the VCAP-DCA certification, they are a must read for everyone who’s thinking of taking the exam:

My employer provided me the TrainSignal vSphere troubleshooting dvd’s which IMHO are excellent. David Davis uses his massive VMware knowledge and provided a excellent DVD series on the troubleshooting course for VMware vSphere. You can order your copy here

So after watching the first few topics of the course I started setting up my home lab and recorded the steps I executed. So here is a video of installing the vMA aplliance on vSphere 4.1, which can be downloaded here:

For more information on vMA:

Music in video by Racoon: