Unidesk. Easy setup!

So after a couple of days installing and playing with Unidesk, here’s a quick post about installing the Unidesk product:

Installing unidesk is real easy. After signing up for a trial, Unidesk provides you with a download link for a zip file. The zip file contains two OVF files which must be loaded into your vSphere environment, preferably onto a HA cluster to make sure Disaster Recovery is in place. First the Management Appliance OVF: After implementing the ovf file, the Management application can be started. Configuration can be done through a webinterface. After configuring the webinterface you can log into the management interface which uses Microsoft Silverlight and is easy to use.


The second OVF is the Cachepoint Appliance. Unidesk best practice is to supply each host (serving desktops) with a seperate Cachepoint, which holds the layers (OS, Application and Personalization layers) needed within Unidesk. To be able to roll out these Cachepoint’s quickly it’s needed  to convert the first CachePoint to a template. Once the convertion is done you can deploy the first Cachepoint from within the management appliance. The first Cachpoint will serve as Master CachePoint Appliance. When extra CachePoint appliances are added, they’ll sync the layers of the master CachePoint.

Both the management interface and the Cachepoint get a DHCP address, by default, which can/must be changed real easy through the web interface. Once this is done everything can be easily managed through the management appliance.


Most of the connection brokers are supported (VMware View 4.x, Citrix XenDesktop 4/5, Pano Logic, Leostream, Microsoft…) Everything is well documented and if your unable to find the answer the Unidesk team is around to help you quick and professional.


Setup time for the management interface and the master CachePoint appliance is about half an hour. Make sure to use the getting started guide (http://www.unidesk.com/support/how-articles/best-practices/getting-started-guide)

Be sure to see some more details on Unidesk at their site http://www.unidesk.com Just see for yourself, a POC is the least you should try 😉 Next post will be about getting a golden image into the unidesk environment.